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Paver Sealing

Maintaining your exterior pavers with a biannual pressure washing and paver sealing service is a lot like brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste in the morning. The paver sealing practice washes away impurities and then applies a protective barrier that gives your pavers additional resistance against substances that can stain and deteriorate the surface! Our technicians at Frost Pressure Washing are well versed and exceptionally trained to provide the best quality paver sealing after a thorough inspection and wash of the surface! You don’t HAVE to seal your pavers, but you should if protecting your property’s investment is important to you.



Stain protection paver sealing by Frost Pressure Washing

When you hire our professional pressure washing services here at Frost Pressure Washing, we take the final step of sealing your pavers seriously! Pressure washing your paved walkway isn’t enough, but with the right paver sealing company, your property will be refreshed and revamped for years to come! Our top quality paver sealing will provide years of stain protection; unsealed pavers absorb moisture through their pores, allowing stains to seep in and remain there. Most stains have acidic qualities that slowly break down the substrate, so the longer they sit, the more permanent damage they cause! When we seal your pavers, we fill the pores in with polymers, which prevents stains from embedding into the tiles, providing the clean longevity and durability you want from your walkway surface!

Paver sealing lessens your property yard maintenance and upkeep

Nobody enjoys pulling unsightly weeds, and weed killers can stain unsealed pavers, so what is a property owner to do? Plants and weeds will survive in every crack they can find, and in between every paver is a joint filled with a sandy oasis for a stray seed. But when a technician from Frost Pressure Washing seals your pavers, our water-based sealer will render the sand rock hard. Most plants and weeds will find it very difficult to grow on a surface that doesn’t allow it to send down roots. Besides reducing the weed population, paver sealing provides you with more freedom to use most weed killers without worrying about damage or staining.

Paver Sealing in Florida

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Shield your walkways from the elements, with paver sealing

Here in southern Florida, mother nature can be brutal; she can rain, hail, and throw all the wind she has at you. Then, when she’s feeling generous, she beats you down with heat and scorching sunshine. When the weather conditions get too extreme, you can run inside where it’s dry and cool, but your walkway pavers can’t. UV rays from the sun deteriorate the material rapidly, water and wind erode, and hail smashes into whatever it wants to, creating cracks and breaks. Together, they make one mean team of destruction on your property. You shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your driveway, patio, or pool deck, and you don’t have to if you let Frost Pressure Washing seal your pavers today!

Paver Sealing cost and affordability

Cleaning and sealing pavers is a simple two-step process when done by our professional technicians at Frost Pressure Washing: first comes the initial pressure washing cleaning, followed by the actual paver sealing. The cost to clean pavers is anywhere around $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot, increasing in price when you think about the additional cost of labor, materials and equipment being used to get the job done. In an average total, you should expect to pay around $2 per square foot to pressure wash and seal pavers; the price may vary between $1 to $3 per square foot, as well, depending on the sealant and method of cleaning our technicians use.

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Frost Pressure Washing paver sealing process

Our Frost Pressure Washing technicians will attack any stains such as rust, efflorescence, oil, and grease stains; we deep clean the pavers and joint spaces to remove stains, debris, and mold as much as possible using our pressure washing rotary tools called surface cleaners. Our technicians then pressure wash the pavers in multiple directions to give your pavers the ultimate deep clean, and if necessary we use a turbo nozzle to ensure we get out the dirt and grime that sometimes gets deeply embedded in between the paver joints even after a thorough washing by the surface cleaning. The joint spaces are filled with coarse, angular sand that has been filtered from nutrients, which are then cleaned of excess sand, and two or three coats of sealer is used to finish the job!

Why you should choose Frost Pressure Washing for your paver sealing needs

When you need your pavers pressure washed, sanded, and sealed with expertise and efficiency, you can count on our team at Frost Pressure Washing to deliver stunning results. When you hire our service cleaning technicians to seal your pavers, we promise to provide you with a certified professional crew, excellent quality craftsmanship, environmentally friendly materials, detergents and cleaning solutions, and phenomenal customer service! We will always provide you with the same steadfast dedication and standards we would want for our own personal pressure washing and paver sealing services. Your outdoor surfaces see it all: rain and wind, searing hot days and chilly ones to boot. We prepare your brick and stone to be safe, beautiful, and durable in all weather. With technicians who specialize in complete restoration and pressure washing solutions, you’re always getting a transformative result. We take pride in bringing the best to your property. From superior pressure washing equipment to biodegradable cleaners that can break down any stain, we’ve worked hard to find the best technology and products for your property. The difference shows! Give us a call soon for an easy and hassle free quote; we can’t wait to bring your property to its full potential!

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